The Kabbalistic signification of the WALL is:






The builders of the WALL are the MASONS.

Real Meaning: The secret workers of the Stock Exchange are the Masons. 

The builders are organized in Bilderberg club.

So, the builders of the Chinese Great Wall are from western countries Masonry.

Western Stock Exchanges are led from Tibet.

           WALL = LAMA  (DALAI)               (W=M)

*in Kabala a letter can be written upside-down

*using Kabbalistic permutation of the word’s letters

In the western countries, Tibetan financial politics are made by LGBT.

The LGBT are protected and also blackmailed by Tibetans.

LGBT is protected by the western countries Masonry.

And Masonry was founded by Tibetans.

Here we present the answers of the following questions:

Why should a country (China) have 5 Central Banks, 3 currencies and 2 economic systems on its territory?

The truth about MIRACULOUS economic growth of a communist state: China

a. Why dose China have 5 Central Banks?:

  1. HSBC                                – Central Bank of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar)
  2. Standard Chartered Bank – Central Bank of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar)
  3. Bank of China – Central Bank of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar)
  4. Government of Hong Kong – Central Bank of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollar)
  5. People’s Bank of China – China Central Bank (Yuan and Renminbi)

b. Why dose China have 3 national currencies on its territory?

  1. Yuan – mainland China (used only for export operations)
  2. Renminbi – offshore currency (used only in Hong Kong) used only for import operations
  3. Hong Kong Dollar (anchored of US and other western currencies)

c. Why the Hong Kong Chinese Province was left under the British Administration for one century?

d. Why is China organized as one country with 2 economic and political different systems (Communism in mainland China and Capitalism in offshore Hong Kong)


The richest man in the world is not the one who owns a lot of money, but the one who manufactures money. As a consequence, the richest man in the world is the secret owner of Federal Reserve Banks, who is the same owner of the ECB (Italy, Greece, Belgium), Scottish and Northern Ireland Central Banks and Bank of Japan, plus “National Printing Bureau”. All are Private National Banks.

Only this man (and his family) has enough financial power to inject a vaccine (microbiological weapon) to the whole white race.

For the other races, the vaccine contains an inoffensive serum.

Only this family has enough power to get the people sick of Corona Virus (microbiologic weapon) and put the mask on to six continents.

The only purpose of coronavirus is vaccination. (final effect of the vaccine is still unknown)

Epilogue: the leader of the world is not a white man or a Jewish.

The leader of the world was along the centuries TIBET CHINA, and nowadays Dalai Lama.

End of Cap II

Tibet China secretly owns and indirectly controls

the following western Central Banks

Cap II


PIMCO = Pacific Investment Management Company = Primary dealer.

F.O.M.C. = Federal Open Market Committee – executes open market operations from the New York Federal Reserve trading desk.

Yellow triangle ( Iran, India, Israel) is the same for all countries Financial System.

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