Chapter VII


The sign of Tibet is the eye. This sign comes from the point painted in the middle of the forehead.

Tibet – China it is hidden behind the following five countries: India, Iran, Israel, SRI Lanka, Pakistan (Punjab).

Tibet – China is the master of these five shield countries.

Tibet- China coordinates, Iran, India and Israel in order to accomplish it’s financial purposes

                                 China = God – and rules over:

                                  God Father = Iran

                                  God Holly Spirit = India

                                  God Son = Israel

      In cabala, G = C, because they have the same shape.

        The translation is: IN CHINA WE MAKE THE FINANCIAL TRUST

The Kabbala representation for the Sephirot Tree is a pyramid from the 1$ banknote.

Conclusion – China had planed that Romanian Borghese families to build a shield to protect the Indian majority shareholders of the big western Financial institutions.

As we can see, Romania Borghese families, Romanian gipsy secret agents, build a shield in front of  Indian people. Indian people are empowered by Tibetans to rule the Stock exchange clearing banks, Central Banks, and all big western global banks.

TIBET-CHINA communicates the currency exchange rates, bond and equity (shares) value via the following connections:

The exact value price of currencies exchange rate, market values of the bonds, market value of the treasuries, are transmitted from TIBET to stock exchanges encrypted with the help of the Keywords and Ziruph Tables (poly-alphabetic cipher)

Table from page 107 from Book “Magia Ceremoniala” – Filosofia occulta sau magia ( Cartea III), Cornelius Agrippa von Nettsheim.

The above table contains secret 72 keywords, (passwords, parola) that are used to encrypt the exchange rates and assets value in the stock exchange. (London Stock exchange, New York Stock exchange, Paris Stock exchange, New Delhi Stock exchange, Singapore Stock exchange, Hong Kong Stock exchange).

Very Important:

          The 72 ciphers are extracted from Book Exodus, chapter 14 ,verse 19, 20 and 21. Every verse has 72 letters. All the details on how to construct the 72 keywords can be found in the book “Kabbala” – Traditia secreta a Occidentului / Stiinta Secreta – PAPUS, Editura Herlad. Page 57-58, and book “Magia Ceremoniala”- Filosofia Oculta sau Magia, page 106 – Corenelius Agrippa.

We present the original page from Exodus, Cap 14, verse 19,20 and 21:

These cipher (keywords) are used together with the following tables,

Ziruph means Siruph = Ziphru = means tzifru. (in Romanian cifru = cipher )

In Cabala, Z = S = C

The usage model for the cipher and the tables are presented in the book “Coduri – O istorie a comunicarii secrete”, page 52-53, by Stephen Pincock and Mark Frary.

The method is known by secret services as the Polyalphabetic Ciphers .

          Schemhamphoras, means schema-amphora.

          Amphora is a drawing from the Iranian flag ( see below).

          The Iranian secret service, that are natives officers, are unaware of the real purpose of this cipher.

Is possible that Ayatolah is not an Iranian native.

Amfora drawing is obtained from the drawing from the Iranian flag, by rotating the exterior sickles.

See the link between the Iranian amphora and the table Schemhamphora.

Amfora is the recipient use to transport and dive into the ocean the gold jewelry.

For example for HSBC:

In this picture it seems that the Dacian wolf (Romanian wolf) protects Romulus and Remus.

            Romulus = rrom – Panjab Pakistan people (Romanian Gipsy)

            Remus = sumer – Mesopotamia = Iran ( Kabala – permutation of the letters)

            So Romanian Borghese families and Romanian gipsy protect Indian and Iranian secret agents.

Dacian Draco on Trajan’s Column

Dacian wolf on Trajan’s Column

Dacian Draco on Trajan’s Column

Dacian wolf on Trajan’s Column

In the center of triangle is the IRIS

We can see the links between the Romanian Wolf and Traian’s Column

a)Romania – Borghese families and gipsy (rroma-punjab) secrets agents

b) Roma –       Vatican City – Titan promissory notes – One or more Billion Euro

                             Secret Quantitative easing from central bank of Italy to City group

  • And One or more Billion Pounds on one single Titan promissory note from Scotland central bank of and Irish Central Bank to City group        

c)rroma (India) – Indian secret agent – City Group.

            Must be mentioned that Italian Central Bank is 100% private entity.

            London stock exchange had a merger  with the Italian stock exchange (and clearing house)

Tibet China is the leader of the world

In the previews articles was presented in a wrong way that Iran is the leader of the world’s finance system. So Iran is not the leader of the global financial system. It is only a shield country and have the mission to hide and to protect China-Tibet ( the real leader of the world).

China Tibet, the leader of the world is protected by the following shield countries:

  • India
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan – rroma-punjab people

India is empowered by China to move the assets prices at the stock exchanges.

This is done using the derivative products on the Over The Counter (OTC) market.

Iran is empowered by Tibet-China to administrate Treasuries bonds and corporate bonds from all the countries (all the debt for all the states of the world).

Iran also has the mission to control the gold monopole (lingo and jewelry), at the China’s orders.

Israel has the role to rule the Foreign exchange market. This market has on top, the Bank for International Settlements. (Basel Swiss)

Pakistan, Panjab Gipsy people has the role to transmit the keywords used to decrypt the:

Value of the assets and currency exchange rate.

            These keywords are received by the Indian brokers at the western stock exchanges, western clearing banks and western central banks.

            Panjab gipsy secret agents are taking these codes from Sri Lanka, (via Romanian gipsy people secret agents) at the order of Tibet China.

            Romania was the first bridgehead in Europe, made by China for asian population. (gipsy from Indian Panjab). A few centuries ago, gipsy people were transported from Indian Panjab to the Romanian territory, and used like slaves on the monastery’s lands.

            Most of the European noble families owns a little percentage of shares at the big financial institutions ( Western Stock Exchange, Western Clearing House, Wester Central Banks).

But these families own key position – Chief Executive – to these big financial companies. These noble families own in fact nonvoting shares. European noble family are visible for the public and for the mass-media: press, television, news agencies.

            The majority voting shares owners are Indian, Iranian and Israelian citizens.  These voting shares are hidden in offshore companies such as Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Seychelles, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Canaries Islands, Isle of Man, City Group London, Delaware, South Dakota, Panama, Jersey, Bermuda, Marshall Island, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles. Zurich, etc.

            The politic support for these Tax Havens, is supplied in secret by China- Tibet.

This mechanism is used by China-Tibet to hide its own financial activity.  

As can be seen in the table above, (blue mark) , the word ELOHIM can be written as follows:

As a proof of this meaning, see the following paragraph from “Kabbala – Traditia secreta a occidentului“ by PAPUS; Editura Herald, page 47:

Alain Lacour, in cartea sa Elohim ou les Dieux de Moise

is translated in Kabalistic: Himalaya ou les Dieux de Moise.


In the text “AND CONCENTRATING IN KETHER, THE FIRST SEPIRA” (above the circle), is Kabalistic translated in: “CONCENTRATING IN THE CENTER  OF THE IMAGE” (where KETHER is written).

This is the center of the image:


NEGATIVE  = TIBET       (V=B in Spanish)

  TIVE  =  TIBE = TIBET (Kabalistic permutation of the letters)

In the zoomed image, in the center of Sephira KETHER we can see the shape of an eye = iris = Chinese eye 

In this image also IRAN appears but it is not in the CENTER of the drawing.

From these two figures, results that China-Tibet (in the center) is the master and Iran is subordinated to China.

The route of western money to China

Flag of the Vatican City

Seal of the state of Vatican City

Coat of arms of the Vatican City

The real signification of the Vatican Swiss guard is in reality the UBS clearing bank.

Chef Executive of UBS clearing bank is in the possession of the 3rd keyword in order to exchange the Vatican cardinal’s promissory notes from British Pounds(GBP) in to Swiss Francs (CHF). Same for the cardinal’s promissory notes denominated in EUR. (1 to 10 billion EUR on each promissory notes).

Clearing Banks keep a strict secret about all the illegal banking transfers linked with the financial circuit mentioned above.

          This amount of swiss francs are transferred to City Group.  City Group is coordinated from India at China-Tibet orders. All the keywords are transmitted directly from China to the Vatican cardinals and UBS, through Romanian Gipsy secret agents (SRI).

The Papal Swiss Guard has the signification of the United Bank of Swiss, or Swiss Bank Clearing Bank and Bank for International Settlements that are part of the illegal secret bank transfers.

Very important!

          The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) from Bessel Swiss, must not register in their books the promissory notes that are cashed in by Vatican.

Also, BIS, must not register the currency exchange operations from GBP and Euro into Swiss Franc. (linked with Vatican Bank – IOR)

Must be mentioned that all international foreign exchange operations must be reported immediately by all countries Central Banks to BIS – Basel.

The words with gipsy signification which can be found

in Kabala and Bible

(Gipsy are the keyword carrier from China to Western countries financial system)

Atsigani; cativeli
Arami; thingenes
Czigany; faraontseg
Vomi Sibohemiens
Tartares saraceni
Idolatres; heiden
Gitanos; egipsyano
crai (Arik-Anpin)
Wise man

In Hungarian language, gipsy are called  ‘czigany’ and ‘faraontseg’

The word faraontseg contains the word ‘faraon’ = pharaon, that is the ruler of the pyramid printed on the 1$ banknote. The gipsy pharaon is empowered and backed by Tibet-China.

In Kabala, pharaon means orphan.

In Romania there are lots of orphan (pharaon / gipsy) in the orphanages.

These orphan gipsy are grown on purpose for the pedophiles sexual necessities.

The pedophiles occupies key positions in the state organization and in the big finance sector.

The gipsy penetrated the high noble Romanian families (with the help of Tibet-China financial power), mainly in the Phanariot period.

The word Phanariot , contains the word Pharaon = Orphan = Gipsy.

Between year 1711-1821, the Phanariots were the rules of ‘Moldavia’ and ‘Romanian Country’, the two Romanian provinces at that time.

The Phanariot families are:

  • Callimachi
  • Cantacuzino
  • Caradja
  • Ghica
  • Kavadas
  • Mavrocordat
  • Mavrogeni
  • Moruzi
  • Rosetti
  • Sutu
  • Ipsilanti

The gipsy penetrated these noble families by mix marriage between the two races (gipsy and Phanariot families).

The gipsy were gold seekers with the direct approval from the country ruler.  This job was just coverup for their wealth.

In reality, the gipsy wealth (gold) was provided in secret by Tibet-China agents.

The Phanariot families was forced to marry gipsy in order to avoid the financial bankruptcy. 

By entering in the noble Phanariot families, now, gipsy has access to all European noble families and foreword to all European capital markets.

In these top-key positions (secret agents) they could execute the Tibet-China financial policy.

Another example is the gipsy slave Razvan, that he managed to rise on the Moldovia’s throne.

Also in the communist period, the gipsy violinist Ion Voicu, married with Madeleine.

She was borne in an aristocrat family (Cantacuzino), and married Ion Voicu for political reason (romanian communism repression).

China Controls Federal Reserve Bank of New York using as protecting shield, Rothschild’s Family custodian Bank (asset manager)

Rothschild Custodian Banks has the role to hide Prince Philip as Federal Reserve New York Shareholder

Using the following schema, China intend to convince US president and US top politicians that Federal Reserve Bank of New York is owned and ruled by white people

The owner of Federal Reserve Bank of New York is Chase (Manhattan) Bank. The controlling shareholder of Chase Manhattan is in conformity with shareholders register Rockefeller Family. The write to vote in Shareholder meeting belongs to Rockefeller Family.

Rockefeller Family is not the real controlling shareholder of Chase Manhattan, so nether to Federal Reserve Bank New York.  The real and only secret shareholder of federal Reserve Bank of New York is Principe Consort Philip, the husband of queen Elisabeth.

          The Rothschild Asset Manager Witch is also Custodian Bank or Clearing Bank, keep in custody the shares of Federal Reserve New York Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank.

          In the Shareholders register of the Rothschild Asset Manager (Custodian Bank, Clearing Bank) is recorded as shareholders Rockefeller Family. But Rockefeller is empowered (in secret) to vote by some other entity, a closed corporation.

This closed corporation, at his turn, is empowered to vote, using a voting trust certificate, (vote mandate; prokura) by another closed corporation, to exercise the right to vote and so one.

In the end, the real secret shareholder of Federal Reserve Bank of New York is Price Philip.

The Rockefeller Family is not the real owner of federal reserve and this is kept strictly secret by Rothschild Custodian Bank (Asset Manager, Register).

For the United States elites is known that Rockefeller is the real owner of Federal Reserve.

Prince Philip was manipulated by Rothschild Family (at Tibet-China orders) to buy the Shares (Syndicated shares) of Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Prince Philip and his Royal Family was in the situation to avoid a financial bankruptcy and was helped by Rockefeller Family and Rothschild Family. Past chairman Sir Evelin Robert de Rothschild was the personal financial advisor of Queen Elisabeth II, and knighted him in 1989.

Prince Philip was convinced to promote a network of Free Zone – Tax Heaven in the British Dependencies (Common wealth) – British Island for some reasons.

  • To avoid the taxes
  • To hide the route of voting trust certificates  used by agents.
  • To hide his dividends benefits.

In this Tax Heaven, the government agencies must not have jurisdictions.

Also Bank Secrecy Lows protecting the identity of the owners of offshore capital must be promoted by Prince Philip. This can be done using his influence in politics and Masonry.

Rockefeller family was many times under bankruptcy.

Rothschild family sustained Rockefeller family with financial resources and financial expertise, in order build a white people (artificial) financial empire.

Is very important the US Elites to know Rockefeller family controls Chase Manhattan Bank, and that Chase (Manhattan) Bank is the owner of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Rockefeller Family Wealth:

Much of the wealth has been locked up in the family trust in 1934 and the trust of 1952, bot administrated by Chase Bank the corporate successor to Chase Manhattan Bank.

This trust consisted of shares in the successor companies to Standard Oil and other diversified investment as well as family considerable real estate holdings.

The combined wealth of the family, their total assets and investments has never been known with any precision. The records of the family are hidden related to both of the family and the individual members net worth are closed to researchers.

Rothschild Investment Trust, now RIT Capital Partners buy in 2012 37% stake in Rockefeller family.  Wealth Advisory and Assets Management Group.

David Rockefeller said: “The connection between our two families remain very strong”.

Chase Manhattan

Chase is closely associate with and has financed the oil industry having longstanding connections with its board of directors to the successor companies of Standard Oil, especially Exxon Mobile witch are also part of Rockefeller holdings.

In 1969 under leadership of David Rockefeller the bank has reorganized as bank holding company the Chase Manhattan Corporation.

In 1979 a study titled “The significance of Bank control over Large Corporations found that: The Rockefeller controlled Chase Manhattan Bank tops the list, controlling 16 companies”.

Chinese actors for Federal Reserve New York ownership

  • Prince Philip
  • Rothschild Family
  • Rockefeller Family
  • Chase Manhattan Bank

Rothschilds Financial Companies:

Rothschild Concordia SAS

Paris Orleans SA – France

Concordia BV – Master Holding – Dutch Registered

Rothschilds Continuation Holding – Swiss Registered

Rothschild & Cie Banque – France

Rothschild Continuation Holding AG

N M Rothschild & Sons.

Jardine Strategic – has 20% Rothschild Continuation Holding AG

Jardine Strategic is a subsidiary of Jardine Matheson and Co of HongKong

RaboBank Group – Private Bank Netherland acquired 7.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holding AG

RaboBank and Rothschild entered into a cooperation agreement in the field of mergers and acquisitions ( to help Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG gain access to a wider capital pool enlarging presents in East Asian markets)

Paris Orleans SA is a financial holding company listed under EURONEXT Paris, and controlled by French an English Branches of Rothschild family.

Paris Orleans controls Rothschild Group’s Banking activity including N M Rothschild & Sons and Rothschild & Cie Banque.

Edmond de Rothschild Group – Based in Geneva specialised in Asset Management and Private Banking.

RIT Capital stored a significant proportion of its assets in physical gold

The China trick is as follows: A subsidiary of Chase National Bank was created and sold to Price Philip keeping the name of Chase, (without consent of the other Chase National Bank shareholders). Prince Philip as a singular shareholder, remain anonyme.

Chase is a singular shareholder of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Prince Philip appoints a Rockefeller Family member as chairman of Chase Bank. The fact that Rockefeller is Chairman to Chase Bank and also Chase is owner of Federal Reserve New York is known by the US President and some top people of Washington establishment.

 The US president and other top politicians does not know that:

– Rockefeller is not the real owner of Federal Reserve of New York

– he is empowered to vote the board of directors to Fed New York (using a voting trust certificate, prokura, mandate) by Prince Philip (through some intermediaries) and to appoint the chairman of Fed New York.

The fact that Rockefeller is empowered to vote using voting trust certificate (mandate) by Prince Philip is known only by 8 Rothschild’s custodian banks (bank syndicate) asset manager linked each other (attached to several stock exchanges).

The custodian Banks keeps also the Shareholders Register.

There is no other information about King’s Charles intentions as owner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, after Prince Philip death.

The dividend benefit receive by Price Philip is the legal dividend in conformity of the balance sheet for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

This amount of money is sent to Philip’s Account via a chain of tax haven companies (Aruba, Antigua, Belize, Geneva, Monaco-Rothschild Bank). This amount is tiny compared with the “open market operation” (hundreds of million USD on one Giant Bronze bill of exchange – promissory note; check), cashed in by Allianz – PIMCO primary dealers. (trillions USD / year)

PIMCO = Pacific Investment Management Company

TIBET-CHINA is the Secret Leader of the World

Some Considerations about China – Tibet – TAI

The words  witch refers to China in Kabala , Holy Bible and other philosophy books:

Dalai Lama



Bod – bod – qod – cod = God (C = G ; Tibet capital in Tibetan language)



Tai (phonetic ) = Thai

Thailand = Atlántida ( Thai + Land; Land means country in English. Only country in the world that tolerates paedophiles (paedophiles heaven))

Siam (old name for Thailand)

Siamez = Mesia ( S = Z in Kabala)

Bankok ( means Banko in Italian language)

Eye (Ochio, Ojo, Oculus, Occulta)

Iris (part of the eye)


Family (Phamily = himalaya), Ph=f

Everest = K1


Clan = Clna = China (l=i in Kabala, letters having the same shape)


Great wall (wall in Kabala means Stock Exchange)

Chain = slavery ( China), using permutations of the letters

Silk road – road in Kabala means Street = Custodian Bank(Street name for shareholders)

Silk worm

Global warming (worming phonetic)  = the silk worm rules the world

Mandarin = is the main Chinese language dialect

So the Triangle that rules the World can be completed as follows:



In the centre of the upper triangle from the Sephirot Tree is written as follows:

– As can be observed the letter “ r ” is in contact with the vertical bar, forming the letter “ n “.

– Chet=ch, see the table above

So, in the centre of the triangle there are the words: China, tibet

An chy = Chyna  ( China)

Mundus Archetipus

      etip=tibet   (p=b)

Also “Archetipus” contains the word Architect. This means, the Architect of the World (world in Latin means Mundus) is China-Tibet.

The world Architect is also known in masonry as the universal God.

Between the 2 vertical bard is written canalis that means clan-isla

This means that the clan (family) works in islands, (free zone = tax heavens); isla=island in Spanish.

          In this Kabbalistic translation, the upper triangle looks like:

This figure on the US 1 Dollar banknote looks like:

This is the FIRST Sephira Corona (means Crown)

              NEGATIVE = TIVE = TIBE = TIBET (V=B in Spanish), using Kabalistic Temura permutation of the letters.

              NEGATIVE = NGATI = TIGAN (gipsy in Romanian)

              NEGATIVE = NGATIV = VATICAN (C=G)

              NEGATIV =  NEGAT = AGENT

                   Crown =  contains the word Crow (gipsy) and   rom ( rrom means gipsy from Indian Punjab) – in Kabala an upside-down W looks like an M.    W=M

Here we can se that China is working very closely with gipsy secret agents.

Only China and Gipsy are in centre of the first Sephira Crown.

That means that China is in direct connection only with gipsy secret agents.

Chinese orders to Iran agents, Indian agents, and Israel agents, are transmitted through Gipsy secret agents. Only the Gipsy secret agents are the connection Link between China (Leader of the World) and the countries that executes China’s orders =  Iran, India, Israel.

So the first sephira will look like the following image:

1. Hiroshima = phonetic Hirosima
Hirosima => That means that the atomic bomb from Hiroshima was ordered by Siam = Tailand . (Was included in the old Chinese empire.)

2. Nagasaki

              NagasakiNagasakiNagasaki (repeated means redundant in Kabala)

              Here we can find the word kiNa = CHINA. That means, translated in Kabala, that China organised the atomic bombardment against Nagasaki.

3. President Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

Dallas = D-Lasa

Lasa = Lhasa (Phonetic), the capital of Tibet.

That means that Kennedy was shot dead at Tibet orders.

4. Lubianka is the headquarter of KGB, FSB.

Lubi-ianka = Lubi-kina = China (Phonetic)

That means that Russian FSB is lead by China

5. FSB – Financial Stability Board – part of Bank for International Settlements has the same acronym as FSB (Russian secret service). That means Russian agents(LGBT) are blackmailed (neutralized) by China. So they don’t accomplish all their duties.

6. Mosad is the Israelian secret service.

Mosad = Sodoma

That means the israelian secret agents are LGBT or paedophile.

These agents are not at Israel’s orders, they are at China’s orders.

7. MaoTzedun = Maot = ATOM = That means MaoTzedun organized atomic arm-race between Russia-Nato.

8. XI JINGPING ; XI = CSI = CIS = Common Wealth of Independents States. That means XI provides financial support to the Russian military industry.

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