Chapter V

China will provoke by diversion, the NATO – Russia nuclear war

The scenario of the provocation:

1. NATO countries will enter in the conflict, by supporting Ukraine with military equipment, to fight against Russia.

2. Putin will give a NUCLEAR ULTIMATUM to NATO (TV broadcast). He threats   to use nuclear weapons against NATO countries, who’s military supports Ukraine.

This ULTIMATUM is given by Russia (Putin) just for intimidation, in order to discourage NATO countries, specially USA.

Putin has no intention to nuclear bomb US, because this means also Russia’s nuclear destruction by NATO.

As Putin has declared, there is no winner in a nuclear war.

The ultimatum is orchestrated by Persians-Caucasians councilors from Putin entourage.

Very important: Putin is a kind of prisoner at Kremlin. All his decisions are influenced by Iranians-Caucasians from his entourage and by Russian etnic LGBT people, secretly organized by China

            In all NATO countries (western countries), the states are governed from the top by local ethnic LGBT minority people. The LGBT minority fulfils in secret the order received from Tehran.

From centuries, Tehran leads the LGBD minorities, using in the same time their protection, there financial stimulus, and also their blackmail.

3. Meantime, in these military tensions between Russia and Nato, a 3rd party, the IRAN-INDIA-ISRAEL ALLIANCE (lead by China) will secretly drop a nuclear bomb on New York city.

For this purpose, a stealth hypersonic Drone that will launch a one megaton hydrogen bomb, will be used.

It worth to be mention that Israelis are left aside this alliance.


In the conflict there involved 3 parties. Two on sight, and one hidden.

  1.  Russia – at sight 
  2. NATO – at sight
  3. China Tibet – hidden (out of sight) – is the one who launches the first nuclear bomb. (the one who pull the trigger)

The 3rd country, CHINA TIBET (the leader of Iran, India and Israel) is the one who organize and provokes the nuclear war in big secret.

The way Russia perceives the events 

a) Putin is advised by his entourage to give a nuclear ultimatum to USA and NATO countries, just to discourage NATO alliance to support Ukraine. He doesn’t realize that is a trap. He forbidden the Russian military to launch any nuclear bomb telling them the Ultimatum is simple intimidation maneuver.

b) The day after, a hydrogen bomb will completely destroy New York city.

c) Putin doesn’t realize what’s happened and will deny in the mass media any Russia connection to the destruction of the American city.

d) NATO will blame Russia for the destruction of New York city, and Putin who dose not take the blame for the nuclear attack (he rejects any implication in the attack), is considered cruel and a liar as usual.

Even before the event, the televisions and mass media, built him a criminal image, so he can be easily be suspected for an atrocity as the nuclear attack.

e) Biden and Camala Harris that are part of the secret Chinese provocation plan, “do not believe Putin” and order nuclear retaliation against Russian cities. The American white people officers follow the orders.

f) The Russians strike back with nuclear attacks. Truly Russian attacks this time.

Russia and NATO completely destroy each other. The white race is destroyed.

Chinese has accomplished their plan.

The way USA perceives the events

a) Putin gives a nuclear ultimatum to NATO countries.

The USA government and USA officers, don’t know that the ultimatum is an intimidation maneuver (except Biden and Camala Harris).

So NATO officers, most of them white people, take the ultimatum seriously.

b) The next day, New York City, is destroyed by a 1 megaton hydrogen bomb, launched from an undetected carry missile (the Drone).

c) Mass media and US government blames Putin (in reality wrongly blamed) for this criminal nuclear attack, even though there is no evidence that the missile was shot by the Russian army. They explained to the American people that the nuclear attack against USA is a natural follow-up of the preview’s day Putin’s nuclear Ultimatum.

d) Without any investigation of the carry missile path, USA orders nuclear retaliation against some Russian cities. Russia strikes back, bombing all the big cities in USA and NATO countries with nuclear weapons.

This is the mechanism that Iran uses to secretly provoke the Russia-NATO destructive nuclear war.

Technical description of the Tibetan nuclear attack over the New York city

CHINA – Plan 1

China Tibet will provoke through diversion nuclear war NATO-RUSSIA.

New York City, will be destroyed by one mega tone neutron bomb.

The neutron bomb will be launched in secret by a drone that is also launched from the Israelian submarine INS Dragon, situated 4000 meters deep in Mariana Deep from the Philippine Archipelago. In that area, the Pacific Ocean’s bottom is over 11.000 meters deep.

Tehran chose this place (the Mariana Trench Zone) because the ocean, due to its very deep bottom, the cables with acoustic sensors system cannot be laid on the ocean’s bottom.

These cables with acoustic sensors (undersea listening devices) that are laid on the bottom of the oceans by US Marine and by Russian Marine have the role to identify the position of the enemy submarines in the Oceans of the world.

This way, the Israelian submarines INS Dragon and INS Rahav cannot be detected in that area.

INS Dragon is secretly equipped with a Drone (that is carrying the neutron bomb) which can be launched from very deep.

The Drone is hypersonic, uses alcohol and oxygenated water as fuel, in order to have a very low thermic footprint. The Drone has angle adjustable wings, aerodynamic brakes and highly advanced stealth technology compared to the American Trident missile.

After the launch, the Drone will rise up to 100 km altitude and then will be remotely controlled gliding (without engine) to the target.

The other submarine INS Rahav is equipped with Trident missile purchased from the United Kingdom from Royal Navy through the Company Vikers Ship Building. The Trident missile is made by Lockheed Martin Space.

The diversion was rollout planned and financed by China

Israel is Chinas’s secret ally and is subordinated to it.

The alliance is known only by the top position leaders of the two states.

The people of the two countries are not aware of this thing.

The public knows the official version (that is false, in reality), that the two states are enemies.

This thing is done to confuse NATO countries and Russia.

The INS Rahav submarine, Dolphin class will launch a Trident missile that uses solid fuel and has a high thermic footprint. The launch takes place 4000 meters deep right in the area of Mariana deep (11.000 meters deep).

In the very same time, INS Dragon Submarine located nearby will launch the Drone having the neutron bomb on board.

This way, the American anti-missile thermic shield will detect only the Trident missile that has much higher thermic footprint than the drone. The Trident missile will be identified and destroyed by the American anti-missile shield during its ascent. 

The Drone has a close and parallel trajectory with a Trident’s missile, has a very low thermic footprint and will be not detected by the infrared detector of the American shield because the detector is blinded by the Trident missile light.

The Drone will escape the antimissile shield, will climb up to 100 km altitude and will head towards its target, Washington, that will be completely destroyed. The Drone will be secretly radio controlled from the ground, using the parabolic antenna from the Sentinel 6A satellite.

Sentinel 6A Satellite has Leonardo Technology on board and it is part of Copernicus Observation System.

It is possible that the secret ground control to be operated from Fucino Space Centre in Abruzzo. Leonardo Telespazio Agency’s shareholders are Leonardo (67%) and Thales Alenia (33%). Telespazio Programme was secretly financed by Iran through Vatican (City Bank).

It is possible that the launch of the Drone and the Trident missile to be done in the same time with a marine military drill (training missile launch) operated by other countries (SUA, Russia, China) in the area of the Philippines Archipelago.

The companies that participated in building and fitting INS Rahav Submarine

INS Rahav is a Dolphine class submarine and was built by the German company Tyssen Krupp Marine Submarine System.

INS Rahav has secretly benefit of Western technology from the following companies: Lockheed Martin and Boeing (ULA), Orbital ATK, Kinetx Aerospace, in order for the Submarine INS Rahav to have Trident missile launch capabilities (it was equipped with Trident missile tube).

All these western companies mentioned above uses Chinese Secret shareholders hiding mechanism (see chapter IV-e.).

The submarine re-tech was secretly done, under the pretext of some Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates space programs. (especially HOPE program)

I. For the United Arab Emirates, the front-line programs were the following:

1. United Arab Emirates Space Agency – which has contracts with Boeing, for construction of Thuraya Satellites;

2.         A) Al Yah Satellite communication (Yahsat)

B) Modsar Institute of Science

C) American company Orbital ATK

* they all created a common Degree Programs in Advance Space Science.

3. Emirates’ Mars Mission. The HOPE orbiter was launched to Planet Mars. The manufacturers are: LASP University, Colorado Boulder, Arizona State University – Kinetx Aerospace in Tempe Arizona, Berkeley University

– This mission is led by Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC).

4. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has a contract for assistance with MBRSC, for Emirate Mars Mission.

5. Kinetx Aerospace Arizona is providing navigation services for HOPE orbiter.

6. UAE formed partnership with Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales of France and with UK Space Agency.

II. The official space programs from Saudi Arabia with a real top-secret scope, the covering of the illegal technology transfer from the Western countries (financed by Iran) to the INS Rahav and INS Dragon Submarines.

1. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)

2. Arabsat – which is satellite fleet operator of Saudi Arabia

Arabsat has contracts with Lockheed Martin Space System

Arabsat has contracts to launch the satellite with Ariane Space (Courou French Guyana)

3. Lockhed Martin has a partnership with Taqnia Space and Co, a subsidiary of Saudi technology Investment Co., to manufacture assembly and integration of satellites on Saudi Arabia territory.

4. Arabsat has also contracts with Space X for the launch of Arabsat 6A Satellite

INS Dragon was built also by the German Company Thyssen Krupp Marine System.

After fabrication, INS Dragon was modified in the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, in order to be able to launch a Drone from very deep waters from Philippines Archipelago (Mariana deep).

The drone has 1.25 meters diameter and 8.5 meters long.

The secret transfer of technology and the design upgrades required for the Drone launch from Mariana Deep (4000 meters below surface) were done using the following companies:

Northrop Grumman

Lockheed Martin and Boeing

Thales Alenia; Dassault

Orbital ATK

Kinetx Aerospace

Ariane Space

Space X

INS Dragon was outfit with Drone tubes, the launch system and a radio control system of the drone compatible to Leonardo (Sentinel) System.

The drone was built under the cover of the official project Space Rider of Thales Alenia.

The Energomash (Russian rocket engine) was re-designed to use alcohol (kerosene)  and oxygenated water (perhydro) as fuel, by Aerojet Rocketdyne.

At the fabrication of the drone, the following companies also participated:

– Northrop Grumman – rocket – ascendent trajectory

– Lockheed Martin and Boeing (ULA) – variable geometry and gliding in atmosphere, in descending phase

– Darpa (dynetics); Dassault

– Orbital ATK

– Kinetx – remote control, navigation systems

This companies uses Tibetan Voting-shareholders hiding mechanism (see chapter IV-e).

These companies are controlled and financed by China, through Allianz Group and Goldman Sachs Group.

These companies had manufactured all the components for the Drone (secret assembly and secret tests).

China has founded the following private companies that have the shareholder known by the public:

– Spacex – Falcon Rocket; Star Ship – official project

– Blue Origin – New Shepard, New Glen are official missions. The secret tests were done in Cooperative Republic of Guyanna, in the Amazon forest

– Virgin Galactic – Space Ship Two – atmosphere re-entry by gliding, secret tests

The assembly of the components and the montage on the INS Dragon and INS Rahav Submarines took place on the territory of Saudi Arabbia and in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

This is China’s plan to destroy the white human race.

The Western world (the Occident) will be destroyed only after China Tibet transferred the Occidental technology to China between 1973-2021. In 1973, the meeting between Kissinger and Mao Tzedun, started the accelerated industrial development of China. See chapter I, II, III.

CHINA (Reserve) Plan 2

Israelian submarine INS Tanin (Dolphin Class) will launch a hypersonic, stealth Drone with one megaton Neutron bomb on board toward New York City.

INS Tanin will launch the Drone from nearby Bering Strait on Arctic Circle (66° latitude North).

The destroy of New York is a diversion planed by Chinan Tibet in order to provoke a nuclear war between Nato – Russia

It is possible that INS Tanin to launch the Drone in the same time with an exercise launch missile of the Russian marine (or other country marine) in the Arctic Circle area nearby Bering Strait.

CHINA TIBET (Reserve) Plan 3

The Blue Origin company owned by Jeff Bezos will execute a mission with 2 drones built in secret, covered by the official New Glenn programs.

The drones having nuclear bombs on board will take off in secret from Amazonian forest of Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The Launching ramp is most probably in a deforested area on the border with Suriname, area that is disputed between the 2 countries.

The launching point name is Oronoque kamp.

The drone (drones) will take off and will be placed on the orbit at 100 km altitude.

The drone will be remotely controlled from the ground through the satellite parabolic Sentinel – 6A antenna. The drone will be directed to an American city (probably New York), above which one megaton atomic bomb will be detonated. The city will be completely destroyed.

The Satellite Sentinel has the official mission to study the oceanography. Sentinel is placed on the orbit by the rocket Falcon, built by Space X owned by Elon Musk.

Falcon rocket – Space X transports on the orbit, other 2 drones with nuclear bombs on board and will place them on the Earth’s orbit standing by.

The 2 drones with nuclear bombs on board are secretly attached to the rocket Falcon instead of the 2 lateral boosters (the lateral boosters are dismantled).

If the rocket New Glenn, the Sun and the American satellite for infrared detection are situated on the same line, the American infrared shield will not detect the takeoff of New Glenn rocket.

Sentinel has Leonardo technology on board and will be part of Copernicus observation system.  

The hypersonic drones use alcohol and oxygenated water as fuel, in order to have a very low thermic footprint.

The Drone have angle adjustable wings, aerodynamic breaks and highly advanced stealth technology, compared to the other American rockets.

In the same time, it is possible that a submarine will launch a missile that will provoke a state of war between NATO and Russia. This submarine can be the Israelian Submarine INS Dragon or Indian submarine Sindhukesari.

The Indian Submarine INS SINDHUKESARI (S60) is built by Russia, weighting 3,076 tons

Initially, this was an attack diesel-electric submarine.

INS SINDHUKESARI (S60) was re-technologized by India benefiting of a secret transfer of technology from the companies General Dynamic Electric Boat and General Electric.

This way, batteries were mounted that allow a much longer submersion time.

It also has now a more performant electric generator. This re-technologization is made in order to dive under the North Pole Ice Cap.

In the same time, the Indian submarine INS SINDHUKESARI (S60) was transformed and upgraded, making it capable to launch nuclear missiles from the North Pole Area to New York.

In this purpose, it secretly received technology from the companies: Northrop Grumman, Orbital ATK, Boeing, Lockhed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamic Electric Boat. This western companies uses China Tibetan Voting-shareholders hiding mechanism (see chapter 4e).

These companies are controlled and financed by China( Iran and India – its ally).

The Indian submarine was equipped with nuclear missile (Drones) tubes. On board, launch and guiding systems for nuclear missiles have been mounted.

The guiding system on the submarine is compatible with remote control system from the ground. The ground remote control system uses the International Space Station antenna from Columbus module of European Space Agency (ESA). European Space Agency and Ariane Programs are secretly financed and controlled by Tehran. (Arian = Iran)

The Indian nuclear missile is, in fact, a drone with a nuclear weapon on board. It has adjustable angle wings. It has aerodynamic brakes in the upper part.

The propulsion rocket engine uses alcohol and oxygenated water (perhydro) as fuel, in order to leave a very small thermic foot print (much smaller than a trident missile).

The drone uses highly advanced Stealth Technology that makes it almost invisible on the American radars.

The United States Army’s missiles are not yet equipped with this Stealth Technology from the above-mentioned companies. The financing is intentionally postponed with different pretexts.

After the drone flies to the orbital altitude (100 km), begins the descent, re-enters the atmosphere extending progressively its wings and enables the aerodynamic brakes.

It is radio wave controlled from the ground using E.S.A., Columbus Module Antenna from International Space Station.

In descent phase, the drone glides without rocket engine, in order to have no thermal-vision image.  

Final destination of the Drone is New York city.

The technological upgrades of the Indian submarine INS SINDHUKESARI (S60) were done in Karach, Pakistan.

This provocation depends on the moment when Kamala Haris gets in the possession of the code from the nuclear suitcase. Kamala Haris is an Chinese agent and is part of the diversion plan.

This is the Chinese plan to start by diversion NATO-Russia nuclear war.

            As a Conclusion, the secret Drone nuclear attack over New York City will be performed with the help of the following submarines and rockets:

  • INS Rahav
  • INS Dragon
  • INS Tanin
  • INS Sindhukesari  (or Sindhuvir)
  • Falcon Heavy
  • New Glenn


This provocation plans have been scheduled to start a nuclear war between Russia – NATO on  1st May 2021.

Due to the unveils on another website ( this  operations have been probably postponed by 10-11 months.

There is a big probability that following the unveils from the current website China will not use this provocation plans anymore.

Meanwhile, China tibet will find another tension escalation method between Russia and NATO during enhanced war in Ukraine.

All politicians and military analysts agree both nuclear powers, Russia and NATO are not irrational enough to use nuclear weapons.

But they are not aware that a 3rd country – China – is secretly involve in starting a nuclear conflict.

China (through secret agents), can secretly use for instance a tactically nuclear bomb under a FALSE FLAG in order to provoke a nuclear conflict between NATO and Russia ( at China’s orders)

NATO can wrongly blame Russia for the nuclear bomb attack.

In the same time, Iran can provoke a civil war in Russia, following the failure of the war in Ukraine and the dramatic depreciation of the living standard caused by the international Sanctions.

In this civil war, USA may support anti-Putin camp (anti-Putin Russian army)

This option can also lead to a nuclear war.

We do not have information by any new provocation plans conceived by China-Tibet.

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