Tibet China Planned to provoke secretly by diversion a reciprocal destroy of Russia-Nato Nuclear War using clean Tritium atomic bombs

  1. On 2nd of April 2024 an atomic bomb of 5 K tones – TNT will be secretly detonated in Kaliningrad by China-Tibet secret agents.

Parts of the atomic Bomb will be deployed as follows:

  •  nearby Amber museum
  • Immanuel Kant museum
  • Immanuel Kant University.

The parts will be assembled in a synagogue (placed at the end of  Kant street) near the Konigsberg Cathedral. Most important parts are the two parts of plutonium that together makes a critical mass.
The atomic bomb will be hidden in a mini bus or a car.
The atomic bomb was introduced inside the Russian enclave Kaliningrad in a box – maritime container (probably refrigerated box), via Lithuania.

The reason used by Vladimir Putin to blame Poland for this attack is unknown.
2.Russia will retaliate with a nuclear strike against Warsaw.

3.SUA will respond with a nuclear attack against Russia.

4.Russia and NATO countries will start a large-scale Nuclear War using clean Neutron bombs. (Tritium bombs)

Post Scriptum: Due to the disclosure of this scenario, the probability of fulfillment is low.

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